Monday, May 16, 2016

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016 Moslem Runway: Ranti, Gemello, Elhijab, Dwico

Assalamualaikum, Pals.

Do you know what May means in Surabaya? It is the month of celebration, big celebration. May is the birth month of Surabaya, so there are many interesting events like bazaars and parades held every May every year. I'm always excited with this big celebration, especially the Surabaya Fashion Parade.

Surabaya Fashion Parade is held every year, included in the series of Surabaya's big celebration. This year, Surabaya Fashion Parade held its 9th event in 2016, themed "Vismaya Navamika". Vismaya Navamika which in Sanskrit means nine glorious, SFP tried to photograph exotic batik and elegance of luxury fashion. And yes, we could see batik everywhere in the bazaar area.

Although, the runway was not just for batik. I got the chance to come this year and chose to come to the Moslem Runway on the 3rd day of this event. These are the glimpse of the designers' fashion show in the Moslem Runway. And yes, this will be in more than a post.

Seeing the collection, all I got was femininity. Pastel colors, organic form details, even with dark colors, I could see the feminine lady in the collection.

Bold, elegance, ethnicity. The ethnic fabrics combined with the bold of black shows the elegance in every piece of this collection. The fall of the fabrics on the models' body got my heart. Can't ignore every one of them.

Active woman is all I can see in this collection. The style varies but every piece of the collection is for active women's casual wear.

Unique, artistic, can't be understood (by me). My friend beside said, "when will they can be worn?". I can't answer.




  1. Assalamualaikum kak wardah boleh share kamera yang di pakai apa?


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