Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Steal Her Look: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is one of the young actress in Hollywood. As a rising star, she always looks gorgeous. Her looks are defined young, calm, and classic.

1. Young
Young looks can be shown by wearing some bright colors in one look. Geometric pattern also can bring this feel. Just see how Elle mixed geometrical bright items in one look like this.

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

Young look can also appear from a sporty look. Elle was adorable to mix girly item with some sporty items, just like this.

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

2. Calm
I always think that Elle is a kind of calm girl. Yeah, she never looks too sexy with opened clothes everywhere, and I hope she'll not. I just like seeing her serenity. Mixing a tone of colors in one look will bring a calm look, and neutral colors will not put the feel out.
Steal her look: Elle Fanning

3. Classic
Every time I see her looks on red carpet or even on the street, I feel like seeing an old actress in her young age. Sometimes she's just like a figure in a tale. She's just so classic and elegant!

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

By the way, it's my second serious post about styling, guys. What do you think. I realllyyyy do need your comments and suggestions!!! You can also request for some styling idea. Please leave everything below, guys! Have a great day and be happy! ^_^

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silaturahim in Hijab Fest 2014

Assalamu alaikum lovely Readers...

It's a busy week and I still can't stop myself from blogging, hehehe...
It was a sunny day when I found the blog contest held by the famous halal cosmetic, Wardah (like my name), on their Instagram. They focus on halal cosmetic so all moslem women can wear cosmetics safely. I like their products and I like blogging too. So, I was sooo excited! I think it's so me. This is the contest.

Can you see "The Biggest Hijab Gathering and Expo" there? Know what I thought soon after reading this picture? It's SILATURAHIM, yeah, it's about friendship between all moslems. In Quran surah An-Nisaa verse 1, Allah said

"...And fear Allah, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed Allah is ever, over you, an Observer"

You see? Keep in touch with moslems is a must and I think this Hijab Fest help us to do it too.

Two weeks ago, INDONESIA HIJAB FEST 2014 was held in Bandung. It's a very big gathering between moslems, especially for female (we can see the word hijab here). When it’s published, I was so excited to come but unfortunately I can’t go. It was held in Bandung, whereas I'm in Surabaya. But, it's so easy now since there is a technology called internet. I know what was happening in the event through some Instagram accounts.

This event was held in four days, May 29th until June 1st in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) Bandung. The entry ticket was affordable, and there was also special price for students. It's even free for those who gave mukena (female's praying tools) for charity.

In May 30th, there was "Parade Ustadz". In this agenda, Aa Gym & Ustad Hanan Ataqi gave tausiyah or religion knowledge. There was also silaturahim between religious community in Bandung. See? This is the event for silaturahim.

In June 1st, the last day of Hijab Fest, there was "Family Fun Run". This is where we could run for 2 kilometers with our family and friends. It's more fun because we can run with one of brand ambassador of Wardah, the beautiful singer Dewi Sandra. I did seeking Instagram accounts' of some fashion bloggers and I found it seemed so fun! They were invited too. Inspiring fashion bloggers who write and share things through their blogs in the faith of Allah. And then, it's the most waited agenda I think. Everybody waited for the super famous male singer nowadays, the melodious singer Tulus. This was presented by Wardah Halal Cosmetic.

Actually the unmentioned agendas were what I will excitedly come for if I could. Hehehe. There were some talk show, fashion show, and also fashion bazaar there. There were some inspirational women like Dian Pelangi, Lulu Elhasbu, Zaskia Sungkar, Sarah Vi, Lyra Virna, Angella Fransisca, Ina Rovi, Zahratul Jannah, Ghaida Tsurayya, Teh Ninih, Dian Marina, Fitri Muslimah, and Syifa Fauziyah. I would be so happy if I could see their fashion shows, take some lessons from their talk shows, and enjoy their performances. I wish there will be another Hijab Fest too in Surabaya and I can come. Aamiin Ya Allah..

Talking back about silaturahim, how do you think the event was? I think it really helped us in silaturahim. And I also remember there was a hadith that silaturahim also can bring us sustenance and longevity. I wish I could come to this event someday. I think you want the same thing too.

Okay, that's all for this blog post that was posted between my super crazy deadlines. It's bad to have a posting without the pictures I took myself. I hope this event can be held in all cities in Indonesia and even all over the world. I'm really sure it's so good for silaturahim. It's great to combine silaturahim, shopping, entertainment and learning in one event. I hope I can come to this event somedays, and even come as a participant, have a fashion show there. Aamiin...
Assalamu alaikum :)

By the way, this posting was based on this:
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